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Source of Data and Reference

The data used in this site is mostly sourced directly from the central government website or central bank of the respective country. We also source some of our data from The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) , Eurostat website or directly from The World bank Website. We use a average rate of 10% for the calculation of Interest on Accrued debt . The change in data from the time you visit our website is based on a simple formula which we beleive is accurate based on our years of experience in the field of Finance and Economics.

What is the Defination of Government Debt ?

Government Debt is the amount of money or loan which has been borrowed by the Central Government of a Country which is also popularly known as National Debt, Public Debt, Public Interest or Sovereign Debt. The Government Debt is borrowed by a country to finance its Expenditures. Government Debt includes Three main forms of Debt i.e 1) Floating Debt or Short Term Debt ie Treasury Bills etc , 2) Funded Debt or the Short term debt which is converted into Long Term Debt, and 3) Unfunded Debt i.e National Savings Certificates, Government Bonds and Debentures etc . Our Defination of Government Debt does includes Future Obligations .

Where do we obtain the Exchange Rate Data

We obtain the Exchnage Rates from IMF ( International Monetary Fund ) Website and we update them on monthly basis . However if there is a major fluctuation in exchange rate of a particular currency than we update it on daily basis or weekly basis .


We are not affiliated with any Government agencies or Central Bank of any country or any rating agencies etc. We are independent group of individuals who have years of experience in Analysis of Financial and Economic data of a Country. If you are using the data from your Website than you must crosscheck the data from the official websites and don’t rely solely on our data.